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Very good food. I came in twice during my stay in fira. First time got fried eggs, delicious. Second time got pancakes with chocolate and pistachio. That was to die for. The pancakes were crispy not like traditional pancakes. The chocolate and pistachio flavor goes well to each other


Absolutely loved this restaurant! With a great patio, friendly staff, and unusual menu including items made in a wood fire oven, Panigyri was a fantastic experience! I randomly stopped by to grab food to go, and although they are a sit-down restaurant, there was no problem accommodating. Because we came before the busy time, the waitress even sat down and chatted with us while we waited.

Lydia Ansel

Fantastic atmosphere: we walked by the place a few nights and each time I wanted to come by it, and I am so glad we did on our last night. The food is great- the lamb dish especially. The dessert was incredible as well and just the whole menu is unique and super tasty. They cook food that they grow in their garden. Overall super impressed.

Maria Prishlyak
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    Extra quality and always freshly made dishes for all occasions

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